• The type of Cocoa that we use was determined with the name of «Arriba Cacao». Only 5% of all cacao beans grown in the world are classified as gourmet beans or ‘fine aroma cacao’. About 65% of this fine cocoa is cultivated in Ecuador.  
  • The Arriba Nacional bean type is widely considered the best of the best for its superior taste.
  • The Cacao Mass is also known as Cocoa Liquor, which is one of the main and important differentiations that determinate the quality of our Chocolate.
  • Qumir’s high-quality cocoa is single origin, grown in the coastal plains of the Ecuadorian Amazonia.  

Choose your favorite flavor

Pure Dark

Passion Fruit

Golden Berry

Salt & Cacao Nibs

66% Cocoa. An exquisite dark chocolate that will lowly melt in your mouth. 

66% Cocoa. For those who love tropical flavors, this mix will blow your senses. 

66% Cocoa. And exotic flavor combined with and exquisite chocolate.

66% Cocoa. Sweet, salty and crunchy. A whole experience if you are a true chocolate lover.

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Makes you feel GREAT!

  • Stimulates your brain
  • Rich in antioxidants         
  • Generates happiness
  • Less sugar, more health
  • Reduces blood pressure and bad cholesterol

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